Blue Clear Windows

When I was a little girl, my mom sold Avon.  I was actually thinking about that earlier today and I remember a blue suitcase with her products inside.  Little lipsticks and perfume packets and books.  And I  remember one Christimas getting my own mini sample suitcase.  I wonder where that went?    And I remember the pretty perfume bottles and boxes full of smell good powder that no one can make now because it can get you sued.  I actually have a pretty powder box that I hope to find and post a picture of it later.  

Avon is probably considered a little old fashioned and that pretty much describes me too.  I use Avon bubble bath.  I come here at Christmas to look at jewelry and gifts.  And there is so much more!!  This is and isn't my mom's Avon.  There is a lot.  Go through and look!!

I hope to have enough sales to do a promotion every time.    Please talk me up!!    I love referrals!!
Campaign 17
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