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My mom was an amazing, instinctual cook.  She was not a fancy gourmet but a woman who cooked a good "dinner" at about noon every day and made things from scratch.  It was mostly southern cooking and I have the butt to prove it!!   I did not inherit that skill in any shape or form.  I do like to play around with some easy recipes as I try to eat healthier.  As you will see,  I don't always succeed with that goal because all of my recipes are not exactly healthy  I have decided though that I do the best I can and if it's not exactly the healthiest thing I don't beat myself up.  I can tell you that every recipe I publish here will be tried and true, so theree won't be many.  All pictures (except the clipart) will be original.  You might find something you like!!
Chocolate Pie

     1 C Sugar
     6 T Flour
     1/4 t Salt
     2 T Cocoa
     2 Egg Yolks
     2 C Milk
     2 T Butter
     1 t Vanilla

     3 Egg Whites
     6 T Sugar

     Mix dry ingredients together.  Combine egg yolks and 1 cup of milk in a medium sauce pan.  Mix            in dry ingredients. Add other cup of milk and cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring                  constantly. Remove from heat, stir in butter and vanilla.

     For meringue, beat egg whites until peakek, gradually adding sugar while beating. 

     Pour filling into cooked pie shell, cover with meringue.  Make sure meringue touches all the                    edges. Put under broiler until meringue is ightly brown. Watch carefully, it will brown fast!!

                                                     Fruit Dip

      1 8 oz block Cream Cheese, softened
      1/2 C Brown Sugar
      1 t Vanilla

     Mix all ingredients together with electric mixer.
     Great with apples,strawberries, grapes, any fruit that can be dipped!!

Crustless Quiche

    1 C Broccoli
    1 C Mixed Veggies (You can use anything but I used 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 cup mushrooms, mixture of        onions,red, yellow & green bell peppers.  I stir fried veggies and broccoli in 2 T of butter)
    2 C Chicken (I used a Costco rotisserie chicken)
    1 1/2 C shredded cheese
    6 eggs
    3/4 C milk
    Salt and Pepper to taste.

   Preheat oven to 375.   Spray bottom of pie pan with oil spray, put stir fried veggies in pan, add            chicken and cheese. Beat eggs, add milk, add salt and pepper, pour over stuff in pan.  Bake 50-60      minutes, until knife inserted in the center comes out clean.  


Monkey Bread Muffins

1 cup sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
2 cans refrigerated biscuits, each biscuit cut into 6 pieces
1/2 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a gallon baggie.  Drop the biscuit pieces into the sugar mixture and coat evenly.  Just drop in all together, the will separate.  Layer biscuits into paper lined muffin cups.  I used the large muffin size so I only had 6.  I also had a little leftover biscuit dough mix.  Melt butter and brown sugar together, then boil for 1 minute.  Use 1/4 measuring cup and pour mixture over each muffin.    Bake for about 18 minutes in 350 oven.    Pretty darn yummy.  

Paula Deen's House Seasoning

1 cup Salt
1/4 cup black pepper
1/4 cup garlic powder

Mix all together, makes 1 1/2 cups.

 Pimento Cheese

1 8-oz package cream cheese
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup monterey jack cheese
1/2 cup mayonaise
2 T pimentos
1/2 tsp of Paula Deen's House Seasoning (see recipe above)

Cream room temperature cream cheese in in mixer.  Add other ingredients, mix together well.  Makes about 3 cups.  This is Bobby Deen's recipe.  His also calls for 1 tsp of grated onion but I cannot eat onions anymore.  The website also says this can be stored in an airtight container for up to 6 months but I'm not too sure of that.  And it would be eaten long befor then.  It's pretty good. 

My friend Donna has a cheese addiction so a couple of weeks ago we went to a cheese shop where I bought some fresh gouda cheese.  The truth is I'm not much on cheese.  I don't always like the taste and don't think cheese is worth the calories.  And the gouda on it's own had a strong and not really pleasant taste.  I grated a cup of it and then added just enough of the cheddar and monterey to make 2 cups of cheese.  It added a little bit of a different taste but this one is good too.  The 1/2 pound of gouda cost about $8 so this batch is made of gold.

Auntie Billie's Pretzels 

2 cups milk
2 pkts dry yeast (1 1/2 Tbsp)
 6 T brown sugar
4 T butter, melted
4 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp salt

1/3 cup baking soda
3 cups warm water

Coarse Salt
8 tsp melted butter

Warm milk in mixing bowl in microwave for 1 minute.  Needs to be warm but comfortable on your finger when you test it.  Too hot and the yeast won't work.  Add the brown sugar and melted butter.  Add salt.  Add flour 1 cup at a time.  Knead by hand or with stand mixer for about 10 minutes.  I worked by hand on a floured board and it worked well because my dough was a little wet and the extra flour worked well.  Add about a tablespoon of oil in bowl, put dough back in and turn to coat both sides.  Cover and let dough rise in a warm place for about an hour, until the dough doubles in size.  

After the hour of rising, punch down dough, divide into 12 balls.  Roll out into logs as thin as you can.  You can make just the logs or twist into pretzels.  Mix soda and water in bowl where you an dunk the pretzel.  Drip off extra water and bake on greased baking sheet  at 450 degrees for 7-11 minutes.  I used my silicone baking sheet and they were a pretty brown at 7 minutes.   I brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with coarse salt.  

This is an Auntie Anne's copycat recipe and they tasted just the same to me.  I was excited.  My pretzel shape needs a little help but I intend to practice more.  They are really easy to make and they taste good.


Vanilla Bean Scones

       My best shaped pretzel


2 1/2 cups Flour
1/4 cup Sugar
1 T Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1 Egg
12 tablespoons Butter, cubed
1/2 cup Milk
1tablespoon Vanilla Bean Paste


1/2 cup Powdered Sugar
1 tablespoon Milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

In a stand mixer, mix flour,sugar,baking powder,salt.   Add butter cubes and mix until tiny balls form. 
In a separate bowl, whisk egg,vanilla bean, milk.  Add to dry ingredients.  Dough should come together and form a large ball.  Turn out onto floured surface, roll out until 1/2 inch thick.  Cut into shapes.  

Bake at 425 degrees, 10-12 minutes or until they have golden edges.  

I use a silicone baking sheet, one of the best purchases I've ever made.  The recipe showed for scones to be 1 inch thick but I thought too thick (but yummy).  It only made 6 1/2 scones but they were almost too big. 

When I was a little girl, my mom made biscuits every day and they were yummy.  Then she found canned biscuits :( .   But the homemade ones with the little balls of butter were so good.   And I like to believe the science is that the butters melts as they bake and that is what makes them so good.  All  I really know is they are delish.