First audition

When dealers apply for a job, they call it an “audition”…basically, you go into a casino, into a live game and the pit boss watches you deal.   Earlier this week, Jesse the school owner, asked if I was ready to try, he had a friend at a casino called the Rampart that had openings.  Yesterday at 3, I put on my “black and whites”, apparently the universal sign of a job audition for the dealer jobs, and went for my first audition.

The casino was a long way out…about a 30 minute drive to a really nice resort & I have to admit I was very nervous.  I went in and met the pit boss and was taken to a table with 3 little old men and they were all great.  The table had side bets that no one mentioned and the dealer I relieved was right behind me telling me that I was not doing things right and frankly, I froze.  I dealt 2 hands before she slapped me on the back (not the usual gentle tap) and took the game back.  I was stunned, thanked the pit boss for the opportunity and left.  And I cried all the way home.  And most of the night.  I couldn’t stop crying until I finally fell asleep.

This morning I did not feel as bad but had turned my alarm off and it was about 1030.  I slept awhile longer and then …I prepared to sell out.  I did not go to school today…just not ready.  And I applied for several jobs online.  City of Las Vegas for assistant county clerk, Cox Cable as a customer service rep, a company that needed a dispatcher for limos and things, a cage cashier job at a small casino. On Monday I’m going back to the kiddie pool at school.  And hopefully I can someday pass an audition somewhere.

I feel like a failure.

I guess we’ll see if anyone calls.

Jersey Boys!!

After the Secret Garden, we went to Paris to see ‘Jersey Boys’.  I’ve seen the movie several times (too many actually…I binged for awhile…and it will be a little while before I want to see again) and I saw the stage play in Austin back in March.  I had wanted to see last time we were in Las Vegas but we did not get around to it.  Again, Hope was here and we decided to go.

The touring production seemed more professional and seemed to have better voices but possibly the local guys are phoning it in after they’ve been doing it so long.  I did enjoy but thought it could have been done better.  Also disappointed that they did not have a playbill to hand out.  They had a 2 sided sheet of paper with the playbill info about the cast but it was not the same.  You’d think for the price of the ticket, a playbill would be a good idea.  They were taking pictures against a backdrop as we walked in and it was an ok picture but not worth $40.  But even without proof, we were there!!

Secret Garden

In 2003, a few months before Roy got hurt, we saw Sigfried & Roy’s show at the Mirage.  They did a magic show which included several animals.  They even made an elephant disappear right in front of us!  They did an amazing show and were legends and I was really glad we got to see them before Roy’s accident.  They still have a “Secret Garden”, an animal sanctuary there at the Mirage.  I had seen the white tigers in the lobby at the hotel before but had never gone further back to see the rest of the animals.  On the way to school last week, I saw a billboard that showed they had new tiger cubs and I like baby animals so when Hope was here, we took the plunge.  It’s $22 a person to walk through and it was hot as Hell and mostly the animals were sleeping but the cubs were worth it!!

Entrance to the Secret Garden
Dolphins.  Time for lunch!!
White lion.  I think said his name was Simba.  His brother is snoozed out next to him
One tiger is awake!!
Cute, huh?
Here they are with their sitter.  Way cute!!