Garage Sale Day

I’m going to step back just a little to between the decision and the trip.  Back to Amazing Garage Sale Saturday!!

So moving means purging so…time for a garage sale!!   Deborah and I picked our hot Saturday.  We had a few customers early, as usual.  We met Gigi the dachshund who came for a visit (her mommy had to come get her).  We negotiated, We laughed with and talked to our customers.  A few people that I knew came by.  I enjoyed very much.  But I’d not seen anything yet!   First my friend Randy and his son Colt came by with donuts and I thought how sweet!!  Then, Lorraine came by and she brought queso.  I’m a little slow, still did not think anything of it.  Then here came Carol with cookies and I’m starting to get a little suspicious!  Cathy brought a meat and cheese tray.  Jan and Cindy brought fruit. Polly brought cookies.  Robbie and Kyle brought cake.  Alice brought churro wheels.  And I’m sure I forgot someone or something.  It was a surprise garage sale party, arranged by Lorraine!   I enjoyed tremendously!!   Amazing!!  

And we sold everything!  Well, we got rid of everything and made some $$.

I love these people

This one has Kyle and Marsha

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