Dealer school

Tuesday afternoon, I started dealer school.  So far I’ve learned to cut checques (divide chips), shuffle and pitch cards while playing blackjack.  I’ve mostly got that down.

Today, I started baccarat, a completely foreign game to me that is the next big thing.  It’s a pretty easy and quick game but there are definitely rules I have to learn and I need some speed.  Next is Pai-Gow poker which I play so hopefully that one will go pretty quickly.  Then lots of practice and I’m ready for an audition for a job.

The school is great because they have contacts at the “starter houses” who are always looking for dealers and because you are their student for life.  Even when I’m working I can come by and practice and learn from the staff, all of who are or have been dealers in every game for years.  It’s a great safety net.  All of the staff has been extremely helpful.

And my bonus has been my new friend Lula who I met the first day.  A recent transplant like me (from North Carolina) we have become fast friends.  I even went to her sister’s house for a cookout on Labor day weekend Sunday.  She’s an amazing lady that God put in my life.

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