First week in Vegas

We rolled in late Wednesday night and checked into the Excalibur Hotel.  So tired!!

I’ve stayed at the Excalibur before and it was never fancy but it was ok.  Now it needs a huge facelift.  It’s not a complete dump but it’s cheap for a reason.

On Thursday we started on the task at hand.  I went to Chase bank to open an account and the banker Brad gave me some insight in apartments.  We went to several places and I ended up really liking one he recommended.  Day 1, I rented the apartment I have now.  Mine is not as pretty as the model of course but I like it and I think it’s home, not just a box.  It’s 2 bedroom and 2 bath and I’m ready for guests!!

We went downtown one day and there was a guy in Binions at the bank setting up tables and I asked to talk to him.  I was hoping for a dealer school recommendation and he did not have one but said when I was finished they’d certainly call me back.  He gave me his card and he was the assistant casino manager.  Cool.

We went down the strip one day, ending up eating at the food court at Ceasar’s Palace, and then desert at the Cheesecake Factory, always a good idea.  Then I made a great purchase of a phone case with a built in charger…big problem solved.

We watched the dancing light show at the Bellagio and got to take this pretty picture:

And of course, we cannot be exploring the strip without a pic of Jan with Buck, Winnie & Chip
On Sunday, we explored my new neighborhood and found all the important things…Target, Walmart, Whole foods, Costco. Just as a side note, bought the best tuna I’ve ever eaten at Whole Foods. 
First thing Monday, we went to PCI Dealer school, the one that had the best reviews online.  We met Jesse and his crew and I was very impressed.  Later, we went exploring to Luxor and Mandaley Bay.  One of them had a shop with Pete Rose there signing autographs.  Least expensive was $75 so you will have to take my word for it.  We then had some good but overpriced spinach-artichoke dip and a couple of fancy drinks as our last hurrah.  
Jan left on Tuesday morning.  I managed to get her to the airport and we did not get run over.  I have to admit it was a little bit of a scary moment because I was here, alone.
But all was going to be good!!  After I dropped Jan off, I started dealer school!!

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