Just a few second week things…

On Tuesday after I dropped Jan off, I moved to a cheaper hotel for the week until my apartment was ready on September 8.  I found Boulder Station for $35 a night.  In a worse neighborhood but actually a much nicer hotel than the Excalibur.  Really nice valet staff took good care of my car.  I figured out my route to school and all was good.

On Friday night, I went to see Air Supply at the Orleans.  I had some silly but pretty specific goals for this new life:  No phone to answer all day, no email to answer, not having to be anywhere at 8am, easy access to music and shows and an airport where I could fly anywhere on any airline.  So far, so good.

I have not really thought about Air Supply in a lot of years but there they were, almost right in front of me.  The show was pretty good…all of the old songs, the little guy Russell may have lost a note or two but he sounded pretty good.  The taller one, Graham I think, always did write better than he sang so nothing changed.  He writes poetry now and read one.  He wanted us to buy a book.  I didn’t.  Both came down into the audience and were handily groped by several women so a good time was had by all.   I tried for show pics but the lighting was not great.  Here is their poster. I talked to the couple next to me and they go to a lot of shows and tell me that a casino near me called South Pointe always has fun oldie shows that are reasonable.  Its a couple of miles away and an easy entrance.  Excited about that.

I have no email, no ringing phone and school starts at 10am.  I have not flown anywhere but I’m thinking all of the other goals are attainable.

On Monday, Labor Day, I went to see the 51’s, an AAA club of the NY Mets.  It was their last game of the season and they’d lost their playoff hopes the night before and because the Mets are in a pennant race, their team had been poached pretty good so they were pretty low energy and they lost.  It was hot but a nice time.  I sat in front of these ladies, one in 70’s, other 85 who went to every game.  They were true fans and I always respect that.  It was really, really hot but there was pretty good shade and they had dollar hot dogs.  And as I was in the team shop, I figured out the 51’s refer to area 51, a place in Nevada famous for UFO’s, among other things.  The team mascot is an alien.  There is more info on Area 51 here.

On my last night at the hotel, I was sitting & reading when I heard water hit the window.  I thought, wow it’s raining…and it sort of was…in my room.  They had a fire alarm issue with the sprinklers going off on the 8th floor (I was on 5).  Apparently someone had hung clothes on the little fire alarm thing in the room.  For future reference, not a good idea.  I ended up moving to another room for that one night.

Luckily, now, I’m home and getting settled is a good thing for me.

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