Jersey Boys!!

After the Secret Garden, we went to Paris to see ‘Jersey Boys’.  I’ve seen the movie several times (too many actually…I binged for awhile…and it will be a little while before I want to see again) and I saw the stage play in Austin back in March.  I had wanted to see last time we were in Las Vegas but we did not get around to it.  Again, Hope was here and we decided to go.

The touring production seemed more professional and seemed to have better voices but possibly the local guys are phoning it in after they’ve been doing it so long.  I did enjoy but thought it could have been done better.  Also disappointed that they did not have a playbill to hand out.  They had a 2 sided sheet of paper with the playbill info about the cast but it was not the same.  You’d think for the price of the ticket, a playbill would be a good idea.  They were taking pictures against a backdrop as we walked in and it was an ok picture but not worth $40.  But even without proof, we were there!!

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