Secret Garden

In 2003, a few months before Roy got hurt, we saw Sigfried & Roy’s show at the Mirage.  They did a magic show which included several animals.  They even made an elephant disappear right in front of us!  They did an amazing show and were legends and I was really glad we got to see them before Roy’s accident.  They still have a “Secret Garden”, an animal sanctuary there at the Mirage.  I had seen the white tigers in the lobby at the hotel before but had never gone further back to see the rest of the animals.  On the way to school last week, I saw a billboard that showed they had new tiger cubs and I like baby animals so when Hope was here, we took the plunge.  It’s $22 a person to walk through and it was hot as Hell and mostly the animals were sleeping but the cubs were worth it!!

Entrance to the Secret Garden
Dolphins.  Time for lunch!!
White lion.  I think said his name was Simba.  His brother is snoozed out next to him
One tiger is awake!!
Cute, huh?
Here they are with their sitter.  Way cute!!

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