Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers

Last night, I went to the showroom at South Point, a casino about a mile from my house, to see Larry, Steve & Rudy, the Gatlin Brothers.  I’d been hoping free tickets would show up but they didn’t so I had to pay actual money.  I got to sit at one of the booth’s with Kenneth and Janice from Calgary, Canada, down in Vegas for the bull riding championship.  They were a little older than me but not much and were really nice people.  I really enjoyed visiting with them.

I’ve seen the Gatlins several time over the years, at the fair in Lubbock.  2 or 3 times probably and it’s been awhile.  As we’ve gotten older, I know Larry has had voice medical problems and drug and alcohol issues.  And I know they now perform in Branson, Mo mostly so their touring days are limited.  I always liked Larry’s voice and the great harmonies of the brothers.  And last night, it was a little different but they still sounded pretty good.  The sang a song called ‘Brothers’ that was gorgeous. I’d never heard it before.  They performed about an hour and a half, a mixture of old and new and sadly, more talking than singing but I enjoyed the show very much.  Clean, non political, nice show.

After the show, I thought differently.  During the show, they shamelessly hawked their CD’s for sale after the show. And it was announced they would sign CD’s and pictures they provided after the show.  Several people stood in line, forked over the money and waited for them to come out.  To their credit, they only took a few minutes to get out.  But then, they really had no fan interaction.  They signed but talked to no one.  People were asking questions and complimenting them and there was no response. And to be fair, they had done 3 shows in 3 days and were probably tired but if they are going to make sales part of the show, they need to be “on” until it’s all done.  They should interact, pose for pictures, and thank people for coming out and shelling out show and CD money.   Just saying a little graciousness goes a long way.  I’ve read online that a lady complained and Larry wrote an apology, saying he was sick.  But I think maybe they are just rude and full of themselves.  And if you don’t enjoy fans, maybe the singing needs to be limited to the shower.

No pictures came out. Bummer.


Yesterday, I posted something on a friend’s Facebook page, asking if he’d seen it.  He is a meteorologist and it was a graphic about an upcoming cold winter.  It was purported to be from the Farmer’s Almanac.  I’d seen it on a fiend’s page.  I did not do a CSI investigation. Innocent post.  And I put on his personal page, not his station, professional page.  My friend replied that he’d seen it before and it was old and he posted more current info.  Good deal, right?

But…he had a former colleague post this: 

 Jesus. That’s not even from the Farmers Almanac! That was some internet weather wanna be and it was circulated like 2 or 3 years ago! Wasn’t correct then and still isn’t correct now! Thank you, Drew, for sharing some reliable data based on actual science from actual meteorologists. Someone should call that radio station out on their bs…

And here was my response:

Gosh, sorry to offend. I just saw it today

My friend explained to him that I was a friend, not a whiny viewer.  And his friend apologized for being “brash” but that, basically,  as “scientists” they have to deal with careless social media posts that makes their jobs harder.  I took it as “I’m sorry you were offended but it’s all your fault for being a stupid person and not an educated scientist like me”  He also told me that people like me just make their jobs more difficult.

I’ve thought all day about why I was offended by his response and I’m not really sure  I have it all but here goes, so far.  Editing may come later.

1.  I purposely posted on my friends personal page

2.  We all post things that we have not fully investigated and this was relatively harmless.  My friend’s response was sufficient.

3. I don’t like being talked down to.

4.  Gonna sound old a fogey here but sincere apologies are something some people just don’t get.  Maybe it’s being from the south but an apology needs to say sorry I offended you without an excuse.  Actually the apology was not just insincere but practially non existant.  His last comment that “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” proves it. 

Sorry dude.  I’m still offended.  But being from the south, I’ll say bless your heart and have a nice day. 

Long Road

Technically, not that long I guess.  I started dealer school on September 1 and officially have a job on October 22, although I passed the audition a couple of weeks earlier.  But I don’t meet them again until November 3 for a staff meeting and then real orientation on November 5 and God only know when I’ll actually start working.  I have to say that this is a lesson in patience for me because I’m not a feet dragger. I’m ready to get on with it!!  

This coming week, possibly my last full week off, who knows…I have to meet a new doctor and then on Wednesday I’m going to Prescott, AZ and to Bagdad, the town where I went my first 8 years of school to look around.  I was going to go a few weeks ago but just didn’t for some reason.  Going for sure on Wednesday morning.

Wolfgang Puck

Last Monday, I was checking out Twitter and saw an ad from Macy’s that Wolfgang Puck was going to be at their store in Summerlin this Saturday (today).  All you had to do was call for a ticket, between 8 & 4.  It was 3:50 and I thought there is no way…but decided to try anyway.  The lady told me there were 5 tickets left and I got one!   Found out today there were 125 tickets.  With a $35 purchase in the home department at Macy’s we also get a $10 gift card and a copy of his new book, which he would sign after the show.

He was charming.  Funny, nice personality.  Everything did not go as planned…he went to a farmer’s market and made a few things he had not planned on.  He had a pastry chef, whose primary language was not English,make an apple tart.  No microphone, not sure exactly what he was doing but it looked good. We tasted a few things that his sous chef’s had made pre-show and then he made them in the show.  We had a non-alcoholic cocktail called a Raspberry Velvet.  It was yummy.  He also made a mushroom risotto (ok, but not my favorite food from anyone), a filet mignon in a pepper sauce, gazpacho with shrimp.  He did not make a chicken salad but the assistantt made.It was overloated with cilantro, a flavor that I hate.  They gave us the recipe and it did not call for cilantro so maybe I’ll try it.

After it was over, he signed my book.  While in line, there were people griping about having to wait but I’ve never been clear on what they could expect.  He’s 1 man!  He signed each book individually and took a picture if you wanted one.

I had a wonderful time!

Second Audition

The second audition went better.

I had applied at the Gold Coast Casino, a starter house that hires new dealers.  Lots of people work there for a few months before moving on.   The interview went well and the audition went well too although I was very nervous.  Lori, the pit boss, said she was putting me on day shift (noon til 8).  Sooo…I have a job but we don’t have a start date yet.

I’m ready.