Wolfgang Puck

Last Monday, I was checking out Twitter and saw an ad from Macy’s that Wolfgang Puck was going to be at their store in Summerlin this Saturday (today).  All you had to do was call for a ticket, between 8 & 4.  It was 3:50 and I thought there is no way…but decided to try anyway.  The lady told me there were 5 tickets left and I got one!   Found out today there were 125 tickets.  With a $35 purchase in the home department at Macy’s we also get a $10 gift card and a copy of his new book, which he would sign after the show.

He was charming.  Funny, nice personality.  Everything did not go as planned…he went to a farmer’s market and made a few things he had not planned on.  He had a pastry chef, whose primary language was not English,make an apple tart.  No microphone, not sure exactly what he was doing but it looked good. We tasted a few things that his sous chef’s had made pre-show and then he made them in the show.  We had a non-alcoholic cocktail called a Raspberry Velvet.  It was yummy.  He also made a mushroom risotto (ok, but not my favorite food from anyone), a filet mignon in a pepper sauce, gazpacho with shrimp.  He did not make a chicken salad but the assistantt made.It was overloated with cilantro, a flavor that I hate.  They gave us the recipe and it did not call for cilantro so maybe I’ll try it.

After it was over, he signed my book.  While in line, there were people griping about having to wait but I’ve never been clear on what they could expect.  He’s 1 man!  He signed each book individually and took a picture if you wanted one.

I had a wonderful time!

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