Yesterday, I posted something on a friend’s Facebook page, asking if he’d seen it.  He is a meteorologist and it was a graphic about an upcoming cold winter.  It was purported to be from the Farmer’s Almanac.  I’d seen it on a fiend’s page.  I did not do a CSI investigation. Innocent post.  And I put on his personal page, not his station, professional page.  My friend replied that he’d seen it before and it was old and he posted more current info.  Good deal, right?

But…he had a former colleague post this: 

 Jesus. That’s not even from the Farmers Almanac! That was some internet weather wanna be and it was circulated like 2 or 3 years ago! Wasn’t correct then and still isn’t correct now! Thank you, Drew, for sharing some reliable data based on actual science from actual meteorologists. Someone should call that radio station out on their bs…

And here was my response:

Gosh, sorry to offend. I just saw it today

My friend explained to him that I was a friend, not a whiny viewer.  And his friend apologized for being “brash” but that, basically,  as “scientists” they have to deal with careless social media posts that makes their jobs harder.  I took it as “I’m sorry you were offended but it’s all your fault for being a stupid person and not an educated scientist like me”  He also told me that people like me just make their jobs more difficult.

I’ve thought all day about why I was offended by his response and I’m not really sure  I have it all but here goes, so far.  Editing may come later.

1.  I purposely posted on my friends personal page

2.  We all post things that we have not fully investigated and this was relatively harmless.  My friend’s response was sufficient.

3. I don’t like being talked down to.

4.  Gonna sound old a fogey here but sincere apologies are something some people just don’t get.  Maybe it’s being from the south but an apology needs to say sorry I offended you without an excuse.  Actually the apology was not just insincere but practially non existant.  His last comment that “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” proves it. 

Sorry dude.  I’m still offended.  But being from the south, I’ll say bless your heart and have a nice day. 

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