Need for space.

I’ve been back about 3 weeks now and I’m staying with my friend Jan and although she has a comfortable home and I have a nice room and a closet and a couple of drawers, it’s time for me to get my own space.  I will hopefully move into my new apartment next Monday, December 21.  I say hopefully because I went in a week and a half ago and I have yet to be “approved” officially.  I am a little worried that if they drag their feet on a sale that there may be a maintenance problem in the future but I’m trying to get past this.  I am continually amazed at how someone cannot respect another’s time so blatantly.  If there is a problem, they need to tell me so I can move on.  The approval should be Monday according to the drag her feet leasing manager when the drag her feet official manager can “sign off on the paperwork”…This has been frustrating!!  Grrr.

I find myself getting grumpy without my own space.  I can find 100 things to do in my own home but have a hard time even figuring out where to put up dishes here.  And I have to admit that I am a simple eater and not a “foodie”…I find that when I want scrambled eggs, I don’t want them full of rosemary or mayonaise.  I just want eggs.  Jan is an experimental cook and takes over when I go into start a meal and more often than not I find myself faced with something I don’t recognize or like.  She is very generous to try but I find myself even more territorial right now because I want to do things my own way.  We have another week and we’ll make it but I see separate meals in our future.

Fingers crossed!!

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