Friday Night Lights

It’s taken 10 years or so but I finally finished the 5 seasons.  I’d written a long outline of the show but have decided that my impressions can be way more succinct:

The show is set in the fictional-in-name-only town of Dillon where the entire town lives for Friday night football.

Our main family is the Taylors  Eric  the head coach of the Dillon Panthers.  He’s a nice guy, leader of men.  Tami has that somewhat insincere southern sweetie-ness that is both endearing and annoying.   She’s Eric’s wife & the school counselor.   Julie is their daughter , a selfish, bratty, compulsive liar & possibly my least favorite character on TV ever.   And baby Gracie Belle, adorable except for her Tami given name.

Buddy Garrity–Every town has one.  His glory years were in high school & he’s 50.

The kids who come through over the year come from broken homes on every level, live on booze & sex.  And football of course.    And, as is my custom, I liked the guys, the girls? Not so much.   Actually liked Tyra best of all the girls because she was smart enough not to expect anyone was going to give her anything.

I live in Texas and the show grabs the Friday Night Lights culture of  small towns.  I come from a town that could be wiped out on away game night because the entire town follows the team to out of town games.  Mondays were spent discussing last week’s game.  Starting Thursday, it’s all about plays for Friday’s game.  Kids are big stars on the field but not much is expected in the classroom.  The kids dream of playing football but 1 in 500 might make it and while a few go off to college, too many stay in their home towns forever, dreaming of football glory days that are basically meaningless.

Fun show & full of heart.  Easy to root for these characters.  Glad I finally finished it!

Clear eyes, full hears, can’t lose!!

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