Hit him again, Smitty!!

Well, it’s Oscar night. It’s the night Hollywood hypocrites set aside to dress up in $20k dresses, pat themselves on the back and bash Donald Trump.  “Stars” I’ve never heard of win awards for movies I’ve never heard of.  Not really a surprise since I’ve kinda had it with Hollywood people forcing their stupid opinions on us.  I’m kinda with the guy, whoever that was, who said we should throw money at them and tell them to dance, show monkey!!   It’s probably obvious but I didn’t watch.

I did see 2 movies at the theater last year: ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindenwald’ & the last ‘Mission Impossible’ movie because it was free on my birthday.   I found Fantastic Beasts confusing and it will take several viewings to understand everything that went on but I still like the Nifflers.   MI is never as good as the 1960’s TV series, mainly because there is no Martin Landau.

I did tonight, though, go to the theater to see a movie–Roman Holiday, from 1953.  It is Audrey Hepburn’s movie debut and it is amazing.  She won an Academy Award as a princess who takes a break from her royal duties by sneaking out and having a day on the town.  Along the way, she unknowingly meets a journalist, played by handsome Gregory Peck.  She introduces herself as Anya errr…Smith.  He figures out who she is and sees a big payday.  He is joined by photographer Eddie Albert (a movie stealer–someone who outshines in every role).  Together the three of them tour Rome for the day.   I don’t like spoilers so I won’t go any further about the story but trust me: it’s wonderful.

Some other facts that I find interesting about the movie:

1. It won an Academy Award for it’s writer.  Thing is, the guy who won didn’t write it. It was awarded to a writer named Ian McClellan Hunter but the movie was written by Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted because he appeared on a list of Communists in the 1950’s.    Hunter fronted for him to get the script filmed.  Things were later rectified & Trumbo finally got credit.  Sadly, it was in the 1990’s, after Trumbo had passed away.

2. Gregory Peck was a big star and Audrey Hepburn was a nobody when this all started.  I don’t understand it all but apparently billing order is important in Hollywood and a name above the title is a good thing.  It was supposed to have just Gregory Peck’s name above the title but apparently after the movie was finished, he went to his agent & the studio & told them Audrey Hepburn’s name should be above the title too because, in essence, only an idiot would think he was the star of this movie.  It was a class act and the right thing to do.

3.  My post title comes from a line by Irving (Eddie Albert) missing the picture the first time Ann (Audrey Hepburn) beans a guy with a guitar.  “Hit him again, Smitty!”

4.  I own the DVD.  Yep, I still have the DVD’s and a player too.  I know with streaming they may seem out of date but I find streaming limited and love old movies.  I’ll keep them.  That being said, I paid $10 to see it on the big screen tonight and it was worth every minute.

5.  I used to go to the movies a lot but now find it expensive, full of children and frankly most of the movies are crap.  Even if there are good ones, I don’t want to support Hollywood mentality by giving them my hard earned dollars.  I will Red Box occasionally and have been known to pay for a stream but I get around my boycott by pretending that I’m paying Red Box or Amazon instead of Hollywood.  But even with all of that I find myself missing the movie theater.  In a movie called ‘The Majestic’ which started off pretty good and then got strange, there is a line from the aforementioned Martin Landau (love him, probably the reason I saw the movie) who is an old man that owns a classic theater.  I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember all of the quote but its something like “Why would people stay home and watch a box when they could come here?”

6. If I were giving ‘Roman Holiday’ stars, I’d go with 2 million.



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