I need a home…

Four years ago, I sold my last house.  I had an insane moment and moved to Las Vegas.  I went to dealer school and soon figured out that they don’t hire anyone full time and I could not make a living.  I was there 4 months.  And then I came home.  To no home.  I stayed with a friend for a couple of months, then 2 separate apartments over 3 years and now I’m in a duplex that I actually love. I actually hung pictures and I’m planning on planting tomatoes next month.  It’s already as close to a home as I’ve had in years. But it’s expensive and it’s not mine.

I’ve debated on owning again.  I was kind of over the joys of home ownership.  I have to hire almost everything done and that can get expensive.  And as a realtor I find that people hide problems.  I’m scared if I buy something that soon it’ll become a money pit.  But I also have not had a real home since 2015.  And I’ve lived off of profits from sale of last home for virtually four years so right now I can’t afford a home.  But that will change in a few months when I can start growing social security.    And today I realized I need a home.  Something that’s mine, warts and all.

I can’t wait.  But I’ll have to wait.



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