I’m a little addicted to the Food Network & baking shows in particular.  And I’ve always been fascinated by macaroons.  They are pretty and perfectly round and different colors and they look wonderful.  I bought one at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and it was $3.  And that is a typical price. So I’ve never bought another one.  But then on the baking shows they look pretty easy…so what to do but to try to make them?   So I did.

So I had to buy stuff I didn’t have.  Almond flour.  Food coloring gel.  But I figured out quick enough that all of it’s pretty easy.  I had to make meringue basically.  It was a little messy but it will be less messy next time.  And I need piping help but it will be better next time.  But they tasted pretty darn good.  And I’ll make them again.  Now I just need another color.


And I got to use my fabulous Christmas present, my flour sifter.  It’s is one of my most favorite gifts ever.  I love it!!  Thanks, Deborah.


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