May All Your Sweet Dreams Come True

I’m a food show junkie.  My favorite is Great British Baking but I’ve seen them all so I always look for something like it to watch.  Basically, we have cheap imitations that try hard but fall kinda of short.  Some are ok but they cannot match the sweetness (pun sort of intended) of GBB.  The best thing is the support for other contestants.  And the funny thing is the prize is a CAKE PLATE & the title of best baker.

Right now I’m watching a show called ‘Just Desserts’ which is an Austrailan show from a couple of years ago that only lasted one season.  It’s not the best or the worst show I’ve seen.  It doesn’t have GBB’s heart.  The contestants are way more driven and some are just a little nasty which you don’t see on GBB.  And this one has a cash prize.

I’m describing this show with this title because there were a couple of guys (that went out early) that were older.  One was a brick mason, the other a car salesman.  But both said they’d always wanted to be pastry chefs.  And it appears life happened and they had families to feed.  Hopefully they’ll get to follow their hearts in later life.

And there are younger ones that in life are so driven.  One woman is a financial planner who describes herself a perfectionist who has her career because her parents didn’t think baking was a real career.  And one is a bar bouncer whose heart is not in baking as much as in gimmick cooking techniques.  He clapped with actual glee when one of the contestants had a complete meltdown.  Jerk.

So here’s my question.  If you have a dream should it last the same way forever?  Should the older guys be happy to be the best baker in their family and take the joy in enjoying what they are doing?  Or should they put themselves out there, against chefs that have grown up in the cooking show era and have all the toys?   To their credit, both are gone and neither had the meltdown.

Should you keep the same dream til you die?  Or be satisfied with a modified dream?   Is there a time limit?




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