Another Dreams Perspective

Ok, I’m on a roll.

I have a dear friend that about 7 years quit her full time, well paying job to start her own business.  She was and still is optimistic that it’s going to take of but 7 years later it still has not taken off.  She’s spent all her money.  She’s lost her home.  She has a ton of inventory and very few jobs. Every month is a huge challenge for her. And I worry about her all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong.  Corporate life is not for everyone.  I did it because I felt I had responsibilities.  And I don’t do well without security.   That comes from watching my grandparents have nothing and live on a pittance from Social Security.  It would have been disastrous without their kids.   And my friend was miserable.  In some ways, I admire her for going for it and following her dream.  And in other ways I worry about her all of the time.

She seems fine with everything.  I’m the one with the issues.

I hope for huge success in her future.

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