Country Girl

I was watching some judge show today and there was a couple suing a contractor because they wanted him to build them a $15,000 tree house.  Part of me was jealous because never in my life have I had $15k to do something so frivolous.  But most of me felt bad that they lived in a city where something that cool had to be ordered from a contractor.  Who needed a permit.    In the country, we find a semi-sturdy tree, find some scrap wood, a hammer & some nails.   Then we’d build a make shift ladder, get a sleeping bag and sleep up there, hoping if we had to get up in the middle of the night we’d remember where we were.

We went to NYC last year and it was interesting and on the go and had something to do 24/7.  But I feel sorry for all who have not had the chance to sit on the porch and shell peas with their mom and aunts and grandmothers.  (Although to be honest, not MY grandmother but I did have mom and aunts).   They never had the chance to feed a newborn calf or piglet with a bottle.  Never been chased by a big old dumb turkey.  Or feed watermelon to a horse.  Never got to sit with mom in the kitchen and make plum jelly from the plums we picked from the creek bed.

I live in a city now and I’m ok with it but I miss the ranch I grew up on.  And the people who lived there while I did.


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