The natural progression here would be pictures.

I didn’t grow up in a picture household.  When I was young, they had to take a picture with an actual camera.  Then there was expensive film that had to be expensively developed and pictures were not my mom’s thing.  My dad had no opinion.  I kinda inherited a little of both of those things.   But I dutifully took pictures on every vacation, first with cameras and now, easily with phone.

But when do I look at them?  Why do I have them?  And I can guarantee that no one else looks at them now  or will care in the future.  But I can’t just throw them away recklessly, right?  So tomorrow I’m starting the ugly progress of scanning them into my cloud account.  That way, when I disappear, they disappear.  Sounds like a plan, right?

I hope this  cloud thing is not just a fad.


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