At my dad’s funeral 10 years ago, his 30+ year friend Eric gave his eulogy.  Among many other wonderful things he said praising my dad, he said “If I gave him $20,000 nickels to hold for me, I’d come back in 10 years and the same amount of nickels would be right where I left them”.    And it was true.  Nothing else would have crossed my dad’s mind.  So you can see the example I grew up with.  He was the man I measure every other man, every other person by.

One of my very guilty pleasures are judge shows.  I record them, see if I think the case is interesting, I watch.  If not, I delete.  I almost always delete dog cases and car wrecks.  And NY people and their car woes amuse me.  These guys will buy anything, just to have a car.  25 year old Toyota Corrola.  The only 3 tires are bald.  Check engine light is on.  Smokes like a chimney.  Have to start it with a screwdriver.  And they’ll pay $6000 for it.  Oddly, it rarely works out.  It usually dies at the first intersection from the lot.   And I’ve been to NY.  Who would want to drive there??  Scary.

That was just an observation…not much to do with this post.

On judge shows, and sadly in real life, there are people who just lie to your face, all the time.   People look for a way to get over on someone, to cheat others in some way.   Girl wrecks her friend’s car and instead of being appalled and sorry, blames friend for not having insurance. The price of their friendship is a couple of hundred dollars.  People do stupid things like buy their friend a cell phone because friend cannot get their own & then are surprised when friend stiffs them for payments.  Family members go after each other.  Someone hires a contractor & lets them finish a job & refuses to pay them because they did a bad job.   It’s just a sad lack of a moral compass.  I had one.  And my mom took me to church where  I was taught early about the Golden Rule.  I treat people the way I want to be treated.  I’m not saying I’ve never hurt anyone but I’ve never done it on purpose.

I was raised better.

Thanks Mom & Daddy.    I’d say it helps me sleep at night but I don’t sleep much.  But it’s not because of conscience.



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