Vintage Flour Sack Art

I went to the Texas Tech Museum today to view a new exhibition of vintage flour & grain sacks & what people have done with them.   Yep, I’m a nerd.  But there were some very cool things.

From the Texas Tech Museum Website:

This “free fabric” that held flour, sugar, chicken feed and other household staples was important to those during the difficult times of the early 20th century.  In the 1930s in an effort to fight off the competition from paper sacks, the cotton manufacturers printed their bags with pretty prints.  From this fabric Americans made clothing, quilts, curtains and toys.  Many remember going with their parents to select the bags with their favorite fabrics.

Tea towel ready to embroider.
Sailor Boy to make a doll
Or to make a doll
Or pick out several patterns and make a beautiful skirt!
Rockefeller Foundation  WW I Flour sack.  Interesting facts at


And my favorite.  Day to day tea towels with chicks to embroider.  I wish I still had them because my mom embroidered a set just like these guys.  One for every day–I don’t remember exactly but  for chores like laundry, ironing, baking…etc



Still a nerd.



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