Estate Sale Finds Today


I spent 60 cents for 3 jewelry mirror things



Cookbook for $1.25.  Obviously a charity thing.  There are mini bios of the contributors.  Not sure if I believe everything.   I can surely see Debbie Reynolds making cheese enchiladas.   I’d need to see Liza Minnelli making Gazpacho with my own 2 eyes.  But I can absolutely see Joan Rivers making toast.

Joan Rivers’ Toast*

2 Slices white bread                            Butter or margarine

Take two slices of white bread, place them in a toaster.  Press down the handle.  Wait two minutes or until toast pops up.

Spread butter over slices AFTER removing from the toaster.

For holidays and special occasion, raisin bread may be substituted but follow the same procedures as above.  For these special occasions, we call it “Joan Rivers Holiday Toast.”

*Courtesy of The Broadway Celebrity Cookbook.

You’d think a person who loves cookbooks as much as I do would be a better cook.  Like a lot of things, reading about it doesn’t make it happen.

I also bought an 9×13 glass baking dish but it was not photo worthy.



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