Jo Dee Messina

I have my car radio set on a country station that plays some older stuff along with current stuff.  And one of the people they play is Jo Dee Messina.  I’m not a huge fan of female singers but  I always thought she had a beautiful voice and she did not sound like everyone else.

That being written,  I’ve never paid money for a concert with a female artist although I’ve seen Reba McEntire in concert but she was opening for George Strait.   I saw Barbara Mandrell years ago at the fair for free. And we went to the Grand Old Opry and they had female artists.   I even won tickets once for Carrie Underwood but sold them.   I like their music but I just would not pay to see them.

But I was wondering what happened to Jo Dee.  She’d had a lot of songs from late ’90’s through Mid ’00’s.  Google says she had songs later but I had not heard any of them.  It does not appear they got much airplay.  I had not even thought about her until I found this radio station.   So I Googled her.

What I found is eerily strange.  There were articles (or maybe just 1, reprinted over and over) written 3 days ago.  She had cancer.  Lost her money.  Her marriage failed.  She’s a struggling single mom now.  But she says that 5 years ago, Jesus came up on her porch:

“Jesus Christ walked onto my front porch and argued with me all day long. As real as I’m sitting in this seat, Jesus came to my front porch and He’s like, ‘She’s mine,'” ~~ “Explaining that Jesus was lovingly referring to her”.   (from Fox News)

She says she let go of the problems.  She embraced Jesus and turned things over to him.  And now her cancer is gone.  She’s beginning to tour again, with an attitude to glorify Him instead of for glory for herself.    It will be interesting to see what happens.  Country radio is not good giving people second chances so I don’t see her where she once was but I hope she can find where she needs to be.

Stories like hers really speak to me.  Sometimes I get down and wonder what the point is but my faith has already gotten me through the sad times.  And why, for some reason, do you wonder about a person that you’ve truly never thought about before? And then to find an interview that is 2 days old.  It’s eerie.  And it’s there for a reason.  I think I was lead to the article for some reason I may never understand.  It’s certainly something I’m going to have to think on.



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