Big XII Basketball

I’ll start out by saying I love my Red Raiders & will to my final breath.  I don’t care what they are playing, I root for them.  Right now…face it, most of the time…they are not good at football.  They have, in the past few years, been pretty good in basketball & are pretty dang good in baseball pretty much all the time.  Last year, in 2019, they went to the finals of March Madness & lost by 8, although it was way closer than that.  The track team won a national championship last year.  And of course, we have meat judging & pom & cheer squads.   I am not a fair weather or bandwagon fan.

Right now our basketball guys are struggling.  They have only a couple returning players that have ever had any playing time.  They got some great recruits but they are babies.  And they are most likely here for one year, on their way to the NBA.   And there are big recruits on the way & they’ll just be passing through too.  That’s the life in NCAA now.  The great players are looking to leave ASAP, the good enough players are here for a free degree.

With that said, I’m going to write something out loud here, something I’ve only voiced one time:   Last year was the pinnacle of Texas Tech Basketball in my lifetime.  It was as good as it’s ever going to be.   That team was our very own 2011 Texas Rangers.  No one expected the Rangers to do well & they played like excited Little Leaguers. That was our basketball team last year.  Picked 7th in the conference & they hit an amazing tidal wave.   But now we are officially a one & done school so we will have a team full of babies & good enoughs while the great players move on.

I’ve had season tickets for years & years & years.  And this year, I gave them up.  Mostly because of the parking at the Arena but deep down I knew last year was it.

And my heart may never fully heal.


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