I am officially January overwhelmed.  New medical deductible.  New car & renter’s insurance to buy.  Dentist appointment.   I’m still adjusting to the pensions/social security thing.  I’m seriously hoping to balance things out.

I was upset today at my dental appointment.  My former employer, AT&T, ALWAYS paid for dental insurance.  I know I was spoiled because I had insurance but I worked for a company that still makes BILLIONS of dollars in profits & they earned on 25 years of my back.  But starting 3 years ago, I had to pay for all insurance, including dental.  But they still paid 100% for cleaning & frankly, very little else.  Starting 2 years ago,  I had to pay $16 a month and they pay 1/2 of cleaning.  So last year I stopped the monthly & paid out of pocket.  It evened out. This year at selection time, I thought I read for $11 a month, they would pay all of cleaning.  Wrong.  Just half, again.    But today I went and would have been required to pay $95 for cleaning & xrays.  And between the car insurance & medical insurance I couldn’t do it today so I had to reschedule til March.  And that will be better for the 6 months to never again land in January.  But my issue is that I have never not been able to just go with it.  And I could have…I was just  overwhelmed today.  It’s not even logical but I cried all the way home.  And everything will be ok.  But it was a new feeling & I didn’t like it.

I made a lot of money at AT&T & have spent the past 10 years making considerably less.  I’m ok financially but sometimes I panic just a little.  And I’m pretty content working part time delivering my Amazon packages and very content not working when I don’t want to.  It’ll balance out.

I’m just rambling.

February will be better.

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