May All Your Sweet Dreams Come True

I’m a food show junkie.  My favorite is Great British Baking but I’ve seen them all so I always look for something like it to watch.  Basically, we have cheap imitations that try hard but fall kinda of short.  Some are ok but they cannot match the sweetness (pun sort of intended) of GBB.  The best thing is the support for other contestants.  And the funny thing is the prize is a CAKE PLATE & the title of best baker.

Right now I’m watching a show called ‘Just Desserts’ which is an Austrailan show from a couple of years ago that only lasted one season.  It’s not the best or the worst show I’ve seen.  It doesn’t have GBB’s heart.  The contestants are way more driven and some are just a little nasty which you don’t see on GBB.  And this one has a cash prize.

I’m describing this show with this title because there were a couple of guys (that went out early) that were older.  One was a brick mason, the other a car salesman.  But both said they’d always wanted to be pastry chefs.  And it appears life happened and they had families to feed.  Hopefully they’ll get to follow their hearts in later life.

And there are younger ones that in life are so driven.  One woman is a financial planner who describes herself a perfectionist who has her career because her parents didn’t think baking was a real career.  And one is a bar bouncer whose heart is not in baking as much as in gimmick cooking techniques.  He clapped with actual glee when one of the contestants had a complete meltdown.  Jerk.

So here’s my question.  If you have a dream should it last the same way forever?  Should the older guys be happy to be the best baker in their family and take the joy in enjoying what they are doing?  Or should they put themselves out there, against chefs that have grown up in the cooking show era and have all the toys?   To their credit, both are gone and neither had the meltdown.

Should you keep the same dream til you die?  Or be satisfied with a modified dream?   Is there a time limit?




Bye Bye Weight Watchers

Well, that didn’t last long.  Nothing in my life does anymore.  But I kept my nose to the grindstone for a month and only lost 6 pounds.  Which I have gained back now that I’m not so strict.  But I have not gained anymore.  And I’m still comfortable in the same size pants.  And to be fair to me, I’ve been at this weight for about 2 years, going up or down about 2 pounds.  And I feel fine.  So I think I’ve decided that this is probably where my body needs to be.  And I’ve decided I’m going to stop stressing about it.   So there we have it.  For now.



I’m a little addicted to the Food Network & baking shows in particular.  And I’ve always been fascinated by macaroons.  They are pretty and perfectly round and different colors and they look wonderful.  I bought one at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and it was $3.  And that is a typical price. So I’ve never bought another one.  But then on the baking shows they look pretty easy…so what to do but to try to make them?   So I did.

So I had to buy stuff I didn’t have.  Almond flour.  Food coloring gel.  But I figured out quick enough that all of it’s pretty easy.  I had to make meringue basically.  It was a little messy but it will be less messy next time.  And I need piping help but it will be better next time.  But they tasted pretty darn good.  And I’ll make them again.  Now I just need another color.


And I got to use my fabulous Christmas present, my flour sifter.  It’s is one of my most favorite gifts ever.  I love it!!  Thanks, Deborah.



Weight Watchers was not even a thought today.

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Ice Cream for lunch.  It’s Robert Osborne’s birthday and ice cream was his favorite.  Good thing any ice cream to celebrate an icon’s birthday has no calories.  I don’t make the rules.

Cheetos Puffs for dinner.

Good news is I’m done for the day.

Back on the boat tomorrow.

Weigh-in day

I am a little discouraged here.  I lost 1 pound.  I’m down 6 1/2 in 4 weeks.  I want more.

If I had not lost anything I’m not sure I’d continue.  I have been fully faithful …not one deviance from a product.

I went to cancel the Weight Watchers plan but they gave me a free month to stay.  Free is my favorite price.  So I’ll do one more month.

After I have pancakes for breakfast, I’ll be back on the wagon.

Life at this moment

On April 4, I decided to start back on my Weight Watchers.  I’d already lost 70 pounds and my weight only fluctuated about 5 pounds since.  But I was taking an injectable for pre-diabetes and it’s expensive so I have decided I need to lose about 25 pounds. Plus, of course, there is no way that stuff is good for you.  Plus I take other medications that I’d also like to get rid of.

Weight Watchers has changed over the years.  When I first started it was something like 4 proteins, 2 fats, 2 breads…etc.  Then it went to a point system, where I had to eat 28 points a day.  Now the system is called freestyle.  I still count points to go toward my daily allotment of 23.  The cool part is there are foods that have no points so you can eat as much as you want although I think that needs to be within reason.  Proteins like poultry & fish have no points.  Fruits and veggies have no points.  Potatoes & hominy have a small point value.   Not to bore but those are the basics.

Sooo…I began.  I’m officially treating this experience like my personal budget.  I want the most food for the least amount of points. And I’m doing pretty good.  I can make 3 tostadas for 5 points if I use zero point refried beans. But I have to get the right brand because not every one is point free.   And the really good thing is that I love soup and can make an entire pot for very few points.  That allows me to eat good things like cornbread.   One of the cool things is that I can eat anything I want if I rearrange my points.   So far, I’ve only lost 6 pounds but we all know that the older we get the slower our metabolism is so that’s not horrible.  I will admit that I want more and I get a little discouraged that it’s not going faster.  But it’ll come.  I’m determined not to let that injectable back into my life.

As hard as I’m working, I have a friend who tells me every time that I’m too thin (and I’m truly not…I have a round paunchy Baze belly (mom) and a McCombs butt (dad) which means basically no butt at all.)  20 pounds from now would get me under 130 which is my goal.  I was 150 in junior high and I’m below that now.  And I’m 61.

My biggest problem, oddly enough, is getting all my points in.  I have a phone app that counts points & scans foods from the store and I’m actually enjoying the entire process.  I just want to lose faster!!