I’m tomato sad

Uh-oh.  I have blossom-end rot.

The tops of my tomatoes look good but their bottoms are rotting.  I looked online to see what was wrong and apparently it’s pretty common.  We had a lot of rain since I planted on April 29 and I have apparently over watered.  And there is probably a calcium deficiency.  So this afternoon I’m going to prune off  dried leaves and tomatoes that are still growing that have the issue.  And I need to water 2x a week.  Fingers crossed!!

I’m bummed.




Poker is a big deal these days.  Heck, ESPN thinks it’s a sport.  They show tournaments all the time and I like to watch them.  What we have are millennial frat boys who have decided this is their career and older “thrill seekers” with too much money & all of them think they alone have figured everything else.   As a Vegas person, I’ve seen it many, many times.  The boys sit down at the table, drink themselves into oblivion and then wonder where they left their car after they’ve lost everything in an hour.   But now they get to do it on a world stage, on not quite live TV.

I just watched a match with 2 frats and a fogey.  The frats got lucky with the cards and the fogey got cocky.  Everytime he bluffed, he casually threw in his chips.  If he had something, he’d call too fast & push stacks in.  It took the frats too long to figure that out.  Even I noticed that.

The frat that one has lifetimes earnings of 17 million.  I think that’s probably gross.  I wonder what his net is.



Oh, and this came today…


When we went to NY last year my only souvenir was a key ring. I’m not a stuff person but I have a couple more charms on my key ring.  Sometime in the past few months the charm fell off and I was bummed.  So my cousin Tim was going to be in NY and he & his wife Susan looked for me another.  I’d sent him a picture of the last one I had and he got really close.  And I love it!!   I’d asked for something similar & something that did NOT say ‘I love NY’ because although I enjoyed, I did not love NY.

Thanks Tim & Susan.  It’s perfect.

Estate Sale Finds Today


I spent 60 cents for 3 jewelry mirror things



Cookbook for $1.25.  Obviously a charity thing.  There are mini bios of the contributors.  Not sure if I believe everything.   I can surely see Debbie Reynolds making cheese enchiladas.   I’d need to see Liza Minnelli making Gazpacho with my own 2 eyes.  But I can absolutely see Joan Rivers making toast.

Joan Rivers’ Toast*

2 Slices white bread                            Butter or margarine

Take two slices of white bread, place them in a toaster.  Press down the handle.  Wait two minutes or until toast pops up.

Spread butter over slices AFTER removing from the toaster.

For holidays and special occasion, raisin bread may be substituted but follow the same procedures as above.  For these special occasions, we call it “Joan Rivers Holiday Toast.”

*Courtesy of The Broadway Celebrity Cookbook.

You’d think a person who loves cookbooks as much as I do would be a better cook.  Like a lot of things, reading about it doesn’t make it happen.

I also bought an 9×13 glass baking dish but it was not photo worthy.



Vintage Flour Sack Art

I went to the Texas Tech Museum today to view a new exhibition of vintage flour & grain sacks & what people have done with them.   Yep, I’m a nerd.  But there were some very cool things.

From the Texas Tech Museum Website:

This “free fabric” that held flour, sugar, chicken feed and other household staples was important to those during the difficult times of the early 20th century.  In the 1930s in an effort to fight off the competition from paper sacks, the cotton manufacturers printed their bags with pretty prints.  From this fabric Americans made clothing, quilts, curtains and toys.  Many remember going with their parents to select the bags with their favorite fabrics.

Tea towel ready to embroider.
Sailor Boy to make a doll
Or to make a doll
Or pick out several patterns and make a beautiful skirt!
Rockefeller Foundation  WW I Flour sack.  Interesting facts at https://rockfound.rockarch.org/world-war-i-the-rf


And my favorite.  Day to day tea towels with chicks to embroider.  I wish I still had them because my mom embroidered a set just like these guys.  One for every day–I don’t remember exactly but  for chores like laundry, ironing, baking…etc



Still a nerd.